This is an image from Afro-American Cultural Center at Yale. 

November 2, 1968 – Yale cheerleaders Greg Parker ’71 and Bill Brown ’63 give the Black Power salute during the National Anthem starting the Yale-Dartmouth football game in the Yale Bowl. This came two weeks after John Carlos and Tommie Smith’s iconic medal stand demonstration at the Summer Olympics in Mexico City.

In May of 1968, with the encouragement of the Yale President, Kingman Brewster, undergraduate students who had been advocating for a Black studies program and cultural center convened a national symposium on that topic. By the end of that year, Yale’s faculty had approved the establishment of the US’s first academic major in African American Studies, launched in the fall of 1969.

The Afro-American Cultural Center at yale – affectionately known as “The House” – was also established in fall 1969. The House serves as a home away from home to Yale’s Black students and to all those who wish to learn about and celebrate the cultures, histories, and traditions of the African Diaspora.