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YSEA provides small grants to support undergraduate projects that involve technical learning activities through research or application of science or technology intended to achieve a specific goal. Two types of grants are available. Individual grants are primarily intended to serve research projects undertaken by a single student working under a faculty advisor. Group funding is primarily intended to serve projects undertaken by multiple students working under one or more faculty advisors, including, for example, those sponsored by Yale student organizations. These grants are intended to fund a finite project or project phase that has specific objectives and can be completed within a predetermined timeframe, not to exceed one year. Grant recipients are selected based on technical merit and learning potential.

The application process requires the individual or group applicant to send an abstract of the grant proposal, budget form and a letter from their faculty advisor to the committee chair. Funding is generally not provided for teaching, travel or general purpose equipment. Grant recipients are asked to submit a report or other output to the committee chair at the conclusion of the project. These submittals should be suitable for publication in the Yale Scientific Magazine or the YSEA web site.

To apply for a YSEA grant (individual or group) please contact the YSEA undergraduate grants committee, board members Dr. Michael Rosenberg, John Siemon, and Peter Van Dine.

Recent YSEA Individual Research Grants


  • Learning Step by STEP: Local Translation and Regulation of STEP (STriatal Enriched protein tyrosine Phosphatase) and its Impact on Normal Learning


  • Exploring the mechanism of nanoparticles uptake by cultured cells
  • Vortex Flame Interactions with a Pre-mixed Fuel
  • Rocket design and analysis
  • Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Wnt/Frz Family Members in the Developing Olfactory System
  • Extrusion using thermoplastic forming with bulk metallic glass
  • Synthesis and characterization of Titanium complexes


  • Synthesis and characterization of Titanium complexes
  • The effectiveness of the Breathe-ezy nasal filter on second hand tobacco smoke
  • Protein Microarrays for Hepatocyte Co-Cultures with Liver-Derived Cell Types
  • The role of pten in receptor tyrosine kinase-mediate chemotaxis
  • Examining the Influences of Hypoxia and Caffeine on the Development of Embryos and Determining Their Relationship to Adulthood Obesity