Thanks to Frank Schreck for hosting the Yale Class of 202o. It was a wonderful evening!

Harley (Jiale) Zhu, Grace Kang, Omar Qureshi, Amanda Hansen.

This year the Yale Club of NV created the Yale Day of Service NV Award for high school students that exemplified the spirit of the Yale Day of Service. Students were asked to submit community service projects that made a positive impact to their local community. We received dozens of applications and we are excited to announce the two finalist projects. We had a tie vote so we’re giving the award to both projects. Awards will be given on Yale Day of Service at the site location for each project.



Olivia Vogel (sister is a Yalie) & Michelle Reiss (Faith Lutheran HS) - Teens Night Out – provides homeless youth a fun night out that includes the details of salon services, clothes, dinner etc through coordinated partnership donations and volunteers.


Ariann Sanford & Samika Tara (Coronado HS) - Tome Trade – Used book library and book exchange program for after care services such as the Girls and Boys Clubs. Tome Trade will also read books to children.

Both of these programs are expected to continue after the Yale Day of Service date. These girls are making a difference in Las Vegas. THANK YOU Olivia, Michelle, Ariann, and Samika. Congratulations!

If you would like to volunteer on May 7, 2016 The Tome Trader project needs your help. Bring your books, help clean and sort.

May 7, 2016 – Anthem Park (2256 Reunion Dr, Henderson, NV 89052) from 11-2 pm

Michelle Reiss & Olivia Vogel

Ariann Sanford & Samika Tara

Whiffenpoofs performing at the

Hard Rock Hotel on April 26.

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