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Alumni Interviewing is a principal activity of the Yale Club of Montclair, via our Alumni Schools Committee. Interviewing activity generally takes place in the November-December and February-March timeframes.

Annual Dinner. Held every spring, the Yale Club of Montclair's annual reunion dinner provides an opportunity for Club members to convene and stay in touch with issues in the local and Yale communities. The dinner is held at the Montclair Golf Club and is also the venue for the Club's annual Yale Bowl award ceremony.

Association of Yale Alumni participation. Twice each academic year, in October and April, the AYA hosts an assembly in New Haven of the 375 delegates from various Yale classes, clubs, graduate schools and associations. Each semi-annual Assembly has a central focus, a theme reflecting a current topic of interest and concern to the alumni and the rest of the university community. The Yale Club of Montclair's delegate to the AYA is Richard Newman '57.

Community Service Fellowship Program. The Yale Club of Montclair annually sponsors a current Yale student in a summer position within the local community. The 2002 summer internship has been awarded to Amanda Laws '03, of Montclair, NJ. For more inforation, please visit our Summer Fellow page on the website.

Seminars and Speakers. Together with the AYA, the Yale Club of Montclair periodically hosts speakers from the Yale faculty and alumni community. Seminar topics range from current affairs at Yale to instructional discussions; in 1998, for example, Debra Weaver '78 facilitated a seminar on interviewing techniques. Information on upcoming seminars is available in our News and Events area.

Yale Club and Association Scholarship Program. The Club offers both need-based and merit-based aid to matriculating and current students, with an annual scholarship budget of roughly $45 million/year.

In addition to funding undergraduates, the Yale Club of Montclair also offers a Graduate and Professional Scholarship for Yalies outside of Yale College. To apply for a scholarship or volunteer in the selection process, please contact Donald McCabe '53.

The scholarship endowments are under University investment management. The annual earnings on these endowments has surged in recent years because the University Investment Office has generated incredible returns through up markets and down. The year before last it was 42+ percent, and even more incredibly last year 9.2 percent. These earnings a) grow the endowments to keep pace with inflation etc. so that the capital amount grows relatively b)provide expendable income to offset the grants in aid awarded on a need basis to undergraduates from secondary schools in the Club's assigned area of NWNJ. The following table illustrates how rapidly this Club is approaching to covering 100 percent of the scholarship needs of area students (despite the fact that YCM&V has no formal fund-raising activity).

Year Club Endow Value Expend Income Grants # Students Total Amount Income/Grants

In addition to funding undergraduates for the full 4 years (regardless of whether consecutive), the Club offers an annual $2000 (soon to be $2500) to a Yale graduate or professional school student from the Club's assigned geography. The financial aid officers of these 12 or 13 schools should be posting notices of the scholarships's availability in student mail-boxes with instructions on how to apply. Those students already enrolled should start applying now for the next semester and 1st year incoming students should apply by the end of September. The chosen applicant will be credited directly with the scholarship amount through arrangements with the bursar's office. The YCM&V contact is Donald S. McCabe who may be contacted through the appropriate financial aid officer or via the e-mail link below.

For more information on any of the above Club activities or other AYA programs, please contact David Inkeles '59, Donald McCabe '53 or Halyna Wysowskyj '77.