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Welcome to the Class of '52 Website!

Newly Posted Items
  • June 19 Bob Fiske is the author of a new book about his career as a lawyer and his life. Click here to read more about it, and also to find its Foreword (in full), written by Chief Justice Robert A. Katzmann.

  • April 30 A new article about classmate Ned Bonnie's longtime work with horse welfare in the equine industry. Click here for a great read!

  • The "Mighty Mini" has wrapped up for Y52. For the occasion, we had some wonderful poems written for the class by classmates David Frederick and Tom Greening. Click on their names to read their inspired contributions.

  • The lead article in the latest issue of the Alumni Magazine celebrates the Yale Hockey team's marvelous and improbable win of the national hockey championship this year. It also notes that "Yale hockey hadn't made it to the Frozen Four (the semifinal and final games of the NCAA tournament) since...(wait for it)...1952!"

  • Philip and Ruth Parham recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary

  • Take a few moments to read a light-hearted tribute to our late classmate and Class Counselor, George Adams, written by his friend, Pete Coley, recounting some of the treasure-hunting escapades of a group of young Yalies and their wives in New York City.

  • Dan Callahan is now the editor of a new blog It is written by those over 65 and aimed at those over 65 as well and he invites all of his classmates to check it out!. (Webmaster's note: This blog offers well-written and thought-provoking articles for those of our age.)

The Literary Corner

Although many of us may have "lost a step toward first" athletically, a number of our classmates are as active as ever in the writing and publishing of books. Our "literary corner" portion of this website seems to be expanding. Of particular note are the first two memoirs listed below by two of the four African-American members of our class.

  • Class Poet Laureate, Tom Greening, has frequently written poems pertinent to matters of current interest. Here is his poetic perspective on drone warfare:


    I know that I am not alone
    in wishing I had my own drone.
    I'd fly it here, I'd fly it there,
    I'd fly my drone most everywhere.
    Especially I'd like to scare
    small children who presume to dare
    to live their simple childish lives
    while I determine who survives.
    I'll be the ruler of the sky,
    and with my drone I'll sanctify
    the steady march toward victory
    by drone-empowered saints like me.

    Tom Greening

  • This website now contains an extensive collection of Tom Greening's poems written over a period of years including two poems specifically in honor of the recent 60th Reunion.

  • Dan Callahan has published not one, but two books this fall. One is a memoir, In Search of the Good: A Life in Bioethics (MIT Press) and the other is a collection of essays over the years, The Roots of Bioethics: Health, Progress, Technology, Death (Oxford University Press).

  • Rear Admiral Joe Callo has established an outstanding reputation as a naval historian. His most recent book entitled "The Sea Was Always There", has recently been published by Fireship Press. To read a foreword to the book written by John Lehman, click here.

  • Nathan Garrett's recently-published memoir, "A Palette Not a Portrait" is now available from Amazon. The flyleaf abstract notes:
    "This memoir starts with humorous but honest glimpses of this mostly middle class and mostly African American North Carolina family. It contains revealing stories about the author's life at Yale from 1948 to 1952 and his unusual experiences in the military. The setting then shifts to Detroit and descriptions of involvement in the "numbers racket", fighting off rivals for the hand of his wife of now 52 years and becoming the 65th African American CPA in the nation. The sections that recount his return to North Carolina in 1962 are filled with insights on black business, the civil rights and antipoverty struggles, Historically Black Colleges, social and civic organizations and his pioneering work in public practice and in the regulation of public accountancy nationally. The concluding sections are an essay on his quest to understand God and religion and a thoughtful dialogue on love and marriage."
  • John Richard (Dick) Cooper's memoir "My Life — One Stone in the Great Wall," not yet in print, deals with the significant changes and progress made regarding race and gender issues during his lifetime and the problems that still remain. To read the entire prologue of Dick's book click here.

  • The two remarkable memoirs above seem to demand a reprise of an essay by their roommate, Dr. Charles Payne, entitled "Retribution, A Remembrance" that appeared on this website shortly after Charlie's untimely death in 2007.

  • Dick Thompson announces that his third book, "Destiny's Journey - Homeward Bound," is now published and is available for purchase. Purchase details are given on Dick's Classmate Activities page.

Classmate Activities

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